yudamen ep (neji​-​131)

by Satanicpornocultshop



YOU THE MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE THE MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUKE好きやからDjするけど、心中ホンマのホンマは女の子が高速パタパタ足で踊ってるのが見たいだけやねん。人間ロケットの池田さんは存命中デジュリデュを吹きながら、ねーー 子宮に響いた?と周りの女性に訪ねておられました。理解されたかが問題ではなく響いたかどうかが重要な問題だった池田さんを見習って僕も日々精進しております。(Vinylman)

Let thee adv footwork ov Satanicpornocultshop get your jooses flowing. Let me bang. INF BLAM. (Blam Blam Fever)


No matter the genre I will usually end up looking and listening to just about anything that comes out of Japan. I know I’m not alone in this impulsive fascination with the far land to the east, but it’s true that you will generally not go wrong in your curiosity because they are so good in being curious and being uninhibited to try something new. The same can be said for metal and spanish speaking countries. They are just nastier and much more of the soil than their european counterparts. It ends up sounding darker, and just different.
Satanicpornocultshop is an experimental beats and electronic mishmash. Reminding me of the playfulness of earlier Beastie Boys mixes and Kraftwerk-ian computer construction. It’s a bit hard to describe. Especially since this genre of music isn’t my usual listening go to, but it caught my attention and I’m digging it. The beats are skittish and frantic. It’s computer glitch music with Effect(s) In The Ass, meaning a strong hip-hop bounce.
Yudamen is an EP with eight songs that then get repeated for another eight tracks as “non hi-hat dubs”. This actual works in favor for the album. There is so much going on in the original eight individual tracks that to revisit them again (albiet slightly different) comes as a relief because I’m not sure I could have gone another eight new tracks.
There Karaoke version of Earth, Wind, and Fire‘s September is something else, off-key and just as funky.
Even though I don’t listen to a lot of this music, I don’t think it’s all that original. I’m sure there are thousands of bands out there doing this same kind of glitch/ hip-hop/ Computer Love workouts on their computers but I haven’t listened to them and I am listening to Satanicpornocultshop. I guess I will just have to build from here and see what else is out there. I will give props in how these songs are built. These are solid structures. The Satanic ones know what they are doing and have probably been working on their skills for a while, but this is all speculation and is of no real consequence to the music that is being produced.
I feel like this is possibly a new rabbit hole that I may regret venturing down, but venture we must.

小粋なヴォーカル、ビートで躍動。シカゴ風味でSTEP by STEP!大阪仮面舞踏会、サタニックポルノカルトショップ。ニューアルバム発売。(deejayapril)

大阪行ったらずるずるのゆでめん食べよ。サタポ聴きながら。この店どこやろ? 寺田町行ったらええんかな? (D.J.kuroki)

なんでこんなにいっぱいハイハット打つの?なくていいよ (D.J.G.O)

意味わからん(椎茸) → 「[再発] Satanicpornocultshop "yudamen ep" D.J.G.Oがヤイヤイうるさいので、ハイハット抜いた全曲分のダブバージョンをボートラとして追加し再リリース!」


Satanicpornocultshop quoting me (linear notes on this album) is a peculiar feeling because I love thee Japan group’s futuristic footwork. They bring thee developed sounds I want to hear in ghetto electronics. So much praise to one ov my favorite acts in many years. Buy this 18 track long end to end burner here. INF BLAM. (Blam Blam Fever)

大阪の覆面ジューク/フットワーク・ユニット。160前後のBPMが最大の特徴で、かつそれに当てはまれば定義の緩い同シーンの性格を完全に利用し、雑食 にさまざまな音楽を飲み込んでいるのが魅力で、本作でもクラウト・ロック~エレクトロのロボット性が横溢。E,W&Fの「セプテンバー」のカ ヴァーも、はっぴいえんどなジャケも最高だ。個人的にはトラックスマンより楽しく聞いた。(キープ・クール・フール)


released September 24, 2012

cover photograph by Daisuke Yoshida



all rights reserved


Satanicpornocultshop 大阪市, Japan

Satanicpornocultshop (サタニックポルノカルトショップ) is a Japanese experimental music group known for assemblage-style compositions that incorporate a variety of musical styles and techniques. The group draws heavily on hip hop and electronic influences and utilizes samples to define their sound. ... more

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